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Welcome to SpreadingGirls.com
   Welcome to Spreadinggirls.com

Laura Is A Salacious French Maid

Posted on: 2009-01-29 00:00

Laura's French maid uniform alone is very erotic, but it's about to get a lot better as the shoot goes by. Underneath her sexy outfit, this frisky maid is only wearing a pair of sheer black pantyhose and white see-thru panties. She is not your typical household helper because the moment she loose her clothing you'll be on your knees begging to be her slave in exchange of exploring every inch of her body.

As we snapped pictures of her, she begins to gradually get rid of her clothes little by little. First she loosens up her top, letting those nice looking breast with pop nipples slip. She then hoisted the rest of her clothing and spreads her long smooth legs. Then slowly she runs her fingers to strum her expose juicy pink snatch.

Jana Shows Off Her Hot Curves

Posted on: 2009-01-27 00:00

Evidently in the sassy blue outfit that she was wearing, you just can tell that this brunette chick got amazing assets that she's out to flaunt. Jana definitely isn’t the kind of woman that you're going to see every day. This babe has a stunning body, with all of the right curves and here in SpreadingGirls.com we get to enjoy all of them as she undresses teasingly.

Jana doesn't make us wait too long before all her clothing starts to slip off, revealing her tender body. Her perfect plump tits were bouncing up and down while she was doing different poses during the shoot. She likes to have fun with her tight and firm breasts, luscious pussy and her round fat. Finally she sits down on the chair spread her legs up to reveal her juicy wet snatch.

Edita Spreads In Her Pantyhose

Posted on: 2009-01-25 00:00

Edita knows how much guys adore pantyhose, and this salacious woman doesn't mind allowing us to indulge in our nylon fantasies. With her sultry looks, she is definitely not your average office girl. This babe is high maintenance and always dressed up in sexy business attire that makes you wonder what’s hidden under those teasing clothes.

She is stripping out of her corporate suit and is getting ready for bed. As she slowly unbuttoning her white blouse, she teasingly reveals the blue bra that is wrapping those succulent breasts of hers. Edita was also wearing blue panties and sheer lace white pantyhose that she exposed when she bends over and pulls up her mini skirt.

Barbara Loosens Her Black Lingerie

Posted on: 2009-01-23 00:00

Barbara is a sweet beautiful blonde; the kind you would want to take home to mom, she looks all innocent but is a wild woman behind closed doors or in this case in front of a camera. It is a pleasure to shoot attractive women like her who loves the fact that others enjoy watching what she has to offer.

She teases her way out of the sizzling black lingerie; Barbara loosens down her lacey clothing and shows off her perfect curves, plump breasts, tight ass and above all her luscious pink. This blonde babe truly has an amazing package and would look stunning in just about anything or even nothing.

Gabriella Flaunts Her Body Outdoors

Posted on: 2009-01-21 00:00

Gabriella is sexy as hell and she loves showing off her beautiful curves. This stunning red head is hot, sexy and always showy especially with her body. In this photo shoot, she gives it her all and shows every inch of her sexy body outdoors. And no matter how she strike a pose, this gorgeous babe looks incredible so scrumptious.

Her bashful, yet seductive eyes, tells that she's more than a pretty face. As she reveals her amazing body; the kind of body that makes men drool and go crazy. She also got the perfect natural assets that make other women envious. It was hard to choose what to look at, as she teases with her perfect tits and tasty pussy.

Sophisticated Emillia Loves Showing Off

Posted on: 2009-01-02 00:00

Emillia is a total seductress and loves caressing her slim body and her sexy long and lean legs. She loves to tease and make men go crazy. She is wearing a black sheer top and nylon thigh high pantyhose. Her tiny top that clings unto her slim body was just begging to be loosen up to make her juicy breasts peep out but surely her tight hugging hose that perfect swathes on her legs hints serious lusciousness underneath.

This sophisticated babe loves showing off her every inch of her hot body. As the camera snaps picture after picture she begins flaunting her sexy round ass. And who couldn't forget those natural breasts and sweet clam that hides between those flawless legs. This teaser spends quite a while showing off her sexy legs wrapped on those nylons and keeps them spread wide open as she poses for the camera.

Jessica Spreads Her Legs Wrapped In Sexy Hose

Posted on: 2008-12-31 00:00

Ever wanted to see your naïve girlfriend in a pair of sheer white pantyhose? Here is your chance! She may not be your girl but she is sweet and gracious enough to make your dreams come true. She'll be great catch for any guy who gets a hold of her. She's very willing to put your need in front of hers – in and out of the bedroom!

Jessica oozes sexuality out of that firm gorgeous body. This chick is pretty hot and showing it off just isn't a problem for her. Check her out as she lay on the bed and poses in a scorching red night dress. This babe teases with her incredible breasts, curves, legs and pussy by slowly loosening her scorching red clothing.

Katerine's Mouthwatering Body Expose Under The Sun

Posted on: 2008-12-29 00:00

Remember the disappointment of not being able to see more and having a throbbing hard-on that needed to be released? Well now it's time to see what you've always wanted to see! This blonde babe has the sweet look of a princess, but has the mouthwatering body of a queen. Katerine is a beautiful woman with a tight body and long scrumptious legs. Stripping her tight floral design dress this babe is the ultimate tease!

Katerine just can't resist the enticing heat of the sun and decided to have some tan. While lying on grass, the sun made this chick feel hot. She gently caresses her tits and nipples and eventually her hands ran down thru her pussy and gave it a sweet strumming. Then she gave it some pussy stimulation while her legs were spread wide. In the end, with all its glory, she reached nirvana with a good satisfying orgasm.

Michelle Looses Her Corporate Attire For Some Hot Tease

Posted on: 2008-12-27 00:00

Frisky career woman Michelle lounges in the chair in her delightful corporate attire and thigh high pantyhose. It appears as though she's just arrived home from a long day of work and was just about to strip off her clothing. Feeling hot and still can't get enough feeling sexy under her thigh seamless hose; she started out by rubbing her legs.

Feeling those silky white hose wrapped around her legs made her even hotter. This horny chick then clutches her bra which hugs her lovely tits tightly and keeps them pretty and perky looking. This girl can't help but spread her legs and show off her sweet shaved pink. Come and be her strict boss and see her strip that skirt off and spreads her long legs wide open to expose her lusciousness!

Milli's Sensual And Naughty Side

Posted on: 2008-12-25 00:00

Her hypnotic eyes invite you to come closer and experience the sensual and naughty side of this sweet darling. You will want to savor every inch of her flawless skin and get lost in every curve of her succulent body. Let your eyes have a wonderful journey as they explore the photo set of this sexy, beautiful and mysterious woman that loves to show you what she has.

Milli's light skin is so soft, and her perfectly round pink nipples make you want suck on them forever. Besides can you think of a better place to rest your head then on her soft, full breast? And if ever there was an award for the prettiest pink pussy Milli would win hands down. It is not even possible for us to put into words what you get with this quiet, scrumptious gorgeous girl. All we can tell you is that you will love watching her show you what it is about her that makes ordinary men weak in the knees!

Andrea Caresses Her Pink

Posted on: 2008-12-23 00:00

This corporate brunette babe in sexy white lingerie is out not only to tease you but to pleasure herself also. Whenever this hottie is left alone in the office thoughts about salacious things occupy her mind and make her do the things she would never dare doing in the presence of her colleagues.

Undoubtedly, Andrea knows how to tease in her pair of laced underwear, giving sneaky sights of her gorgeous body and bending over to show her nice round tasty ass. Her hands ramble all over her thighs and belly, then finally her fingers find a wet spot between her legs and she starts caressing her juicy pink slit moaning of pleasure as her erotic lingerie dreams take her away.

Hot Helena In Crimson Camisole

Posted on: 2008-12-21 00:00

Her crimson camisole and panties are on full view but it is her impish attitude that makes this episode sizzling. Helena relaxingly lay on bed when the shoot started, then her hands start to move over her laced camisole and stray inside to caress her tight breasts before rolling them down to her tight thighs and juicy flawless legs.

Feeling her own smooth ivory skin against her palms made this babe even hotter. After teasing her horny nipples and legss, her hands concentrated on caressing her wet cookie under those sexy black panties. She’s obviously getting herself turned on by all this teasing, in some of the shots you can see the wetness of her pussy and slight hints of moistness.

Lovely Ellisse Spreads In Bed

Posted on: 2008-12-19 00:00

Lovely girl Ellisse has all the gear to entice men: nice-looking face, scrumptious boobs, hot curves, flawless legs, and a set of sizzling pair of lingerie she tries on and takes off exposing her body while posing to camera. The curves of this stunning babe are to die for. Her huge appealing eyes are gorgeous and her natural soft tits are just as awesome.

She spreads on the bed and turns around showing off her fine ass, then gives you a perfect view of her camel toe. The erotic pressure reaches its peak when she takes off her panties and spreads her beautiful pussy touching and teasing it while dreaming of being pleasured. Come and check her out getting kinky right over the camera for some great view of her luscious pussy!

Emillia Takes Off Her Custome

Posted on: 2008-12-17 00:00

This natural brunette likes to have fun with her tight and firm breasts, luscious pussy and her round ass. She's also a naughty flirt who loves to tease her men with sexy costumes, lovely stockings, and her lithe body. Her perfect plump tits were bouncing up and down while she was doing different poses during the shoot.

Halfway through the gallery she's dropped the costume and is wearing only a pair of black stockings. You simply can't underestimate how sexy a pair of stockings can make a woman's legs look. In the end, she sits down and poses on the floor with her widely spread up to reveal her juicy snatch.

Frisky Schoolgirl Carolyn

Posted on: 2008-12-15 00:00

Frisky schoolgirl Carolyn lounges in the white couch in her delightful school uniform. It appears as though she's just arrived home from a long day of classes and is ready to change out of her stuffy clothes. Feeling a little hot she pulls off her tie, unbuttons her shirt, and exposes her perky breasts to us. This playgirl took her top off almost baring her breast for the camera. Her bra hugs her lovely tits tightly and keeps them pretty and perky looking.

She’s not above a little teasing though and she continued out by rubbing her legs. As she turns towards the camera she spreads them, giving us an amazing crotch shot of her little panties with cute cherry prints. She loses the bra next, giving us a full on view of her gorgeous tits; she even squeezes them a bit while giving the camera a lusty, slutty look. Her panties come off next in a smooth maneuver and then she rubs her clit for our pleasure.

Lustful Corporate Girl

Posted on: 2008-12-13 00:00

Now this is a very special treat for you. You know that sweet and very adorable secretary at work? The one you have been lusting after for ages. You know the one that is always smiling seductively, always wear sexy hot clothes, and always makes every male employee wanting to take her out. That lustful corporate girl is the gorgeous Jana!

She is the sweetest tease at work, the sizzling assistant that wears her skirt a little too short and her blouse a little too low. She'll tempt you by bending over her table so you can see right down her juicy cleavage. Or stops to fix her stockings when your behind her so you can get a peek at her panties. Well here she is bearing it all. She is not being the tease anymore.

Rebellious Schoolgirl Becky

Posted on: 2008-12-11 00:00

Meet this frisky, fresh little schoolgirl who skipped her class just to pose for you. She is here to rebel against everything she was brought up as wrong. Because she knows that what would be wrong is to hide her tight luscious body from the world! She is so succulent and squeezable; you can not get enough from Becky!

She was a little shy at first, rebelling can be intimidating at first, but after just a few snaps of the camera and she was ready to show it all! And we are so lucky she wants to! She is not the type that is going to submit to a life of being naïve girl; she is ready to be wild and crazy. Come and check her salacious sets of pictures in the gallery!

Sparky Is A Naughty Babe

Posted on: 2008-12-09 00:00

Once you see her amazing body in the gallery, we bet you will then understand why her name is Sparky. She is a foxy brunette with lots of sparks in her scrumptious body. She is a real sight to behold! And just the way we like chicks to be; this flawless beauty is a naughty woman. She loves to wear very little, and likes to take it off fast.

She will tempt you by gradually stripping off her sexy black lingerie. And happily bares her juicy, full natural breast. This vixen is perfect in all the right places, and spreads herself willingly to lure and tease you. Seeing this babe bare all so easily; just makes a man go wild. Why can’t we find sexy girls like this? Wouldn’t life be a dream if we could!

Veronika Is A Sassy Maid

Posted on: 2008-12-07 00:00

Don't wonder if she may walk past the open window of your house in her bra and panties. Or if she may clean the floor wearing just a house smock, or even if; she may wear just a piece of cloth to check the mail. But in this gallery be prepared to see more of your sassy maid. Veronika will stop teasing you and starts demonstrating exactly what she likes.

She knows all along that you have been a peeping and she just enjoyed it a lot! She likes being watched and loves knowing she is turning you on as you don't think she sees you. In this photo set she is more than ready to go. Veronika wants nothing more than to show off her amazing assets just for you! So keep being a peeper and get your eye candy here.

Vicky Is A Scrumptious Curvy Babe

Posted on: 2008-12-05 00:00

Vicky is her name and what a luscious babe is just what she is. From her clean nice toes to her perfectly shaped legs. Gorgeous chick Vicky is just what every man needs. This scrumptious babe is curvy and tight. She has an ass that you would want to nuzzle up every minutes and every second of the day!

But let me tell you that she is a feisty little thing, as you can see in this gallery. She flaunts and shakes her curves just knowing it is driving you wild. And who would not want to go wild with this delicious, succulent brunette chick? She is just the type to keep you busy all night! She may tease you for hours before she makes you work with all you have to please her. But it would so be worth it!

Klaira's Charm And Magnetism

Posted on: 2008-12-03 00:00

Get ready to get down on your knees; prepare to be under the charm and magnetism of a true goddess. And how much more perfect could this natural beauty be? Who couldn't resist her smooth silky hair, her perfectly red lips, tight body and her thick full legs? And don't forget her two perfectly seductive natural size breasts. Who would not want to get down on their knees and worship the beauty of this very sexy babe?

But she won't be just a teasing goddess for too much longer; because deep inside her hides a true naughty babe just wanting to tease and please guys. Only a complete fool would be stupid enough to not droll over and salivate to this sexy chick and all she has to offer in this sweet and tempting set of photos!

Playful Holly Poses Nude

Posted on: 2008-10-15 00:00

Holly loves to pose, and she has a great playful side to her. She looks sweet and innocent, but don't ever let that fool you. She is one wild and crazy girl and can be very creative with her socks. Her slim body accentuates just how tasty and meaty her packages are. This woman got natural tits and a bouncy ass, the rest of her though, is also worth mentioning. It was hard to choose what to look at, as she went naked with only her white socks left.

Those plump lips were busting out of her tight pants. I couldn't wait to see it bare and all up in my face. She tried on some panties and pushed them up into her slit. It was so sexy how her juicy pussy lips swallowed up those panties. She nearly killed me when she bend over and did a split with her legs spread on the table.

Sweet Teen In Hot Jean Skirt

Posted on: 2008-10-12 00:00

Who doesn't like seeing cute teen girls wearing hot jean skirt? I know I do. Those jean skirts are so tight and mini that you could see their panties peeping makes me really excited. Plus you definitely know that a sexy round ass is underneath that piece of garment. Viktorie is one of those sexy babes who look outstanding in those skirts; her sweet teen ass makes the heart race.

First she teased us with her breast and its perky nipples when she took off her red top but we knew that there are more provocative things that this blonde chick will do. And we were right; this smooth skinned hottie with nice and long legs spreads it apart, showing her sweet and well shaved pink. Going through every part of her body will make you salivate and drool over.

Cheearleader Undress Her Sexy Uniform

Posted on: 2008-10-10 00:00

Have you ever gone to a football game and watched the cheerleaders during halftime putting on their little show in their sexy uniforms , and thinking to your self what it’d be like to see one of these girls stripping right in front of, and only for, you? You’ll certainly have, and you’ll seem to get the same feeling when your browsing the stripteases performed by the sexy ladies here at Spreadinggirls.com.

Petra had no problem doing the shoot with the uniform we were able to provide. As we snapped pictures of her, she begins to gradually get rid of her clothes little by little. First she lifted up her top, letting those nice looking breast with pop nipples slip. She then hoisted her kinky tiny skirt and spreads her long smooth legs to reveal a hot red panty underneath . Then slowly she runs her fingers to slip that piece of cloth and expose her juicy pink snatch.

Gorgeous Blonde's Symphony Of Moans

Posted on: 2008-10-10 00:00

This stunning milf has the perfect body for teasing and the personality to match it. We stumbled upon her getting ready in the bathtub. Katja couldn’t wait to show her sizzling assets off to the world under that white sexy lingerie. Her gorgeous face and amazing body was just crying out loud to be featured here in SpreadingGirls.com

She might be super sexy, but this hot momma also has a playful side to her. Witness katja make herself wet as she plays with her pink like as if it’s a piano. As her slender fingers caress her pussy the symphony of her moans make a melody to the ears. This horny blonde definitely knows her way around her body and it shows.

Naughty Secretary Makes Office Fantasy Come True

Posted on: 2008-10-08 00:00

Do you have naughty thoughts about hot secretary chics? Andrea the office tease, makes every office fantasy come true. She is hot, smart, sweet and extremely seductive as hell. This dark haired beauty has a sexy eyes and a hard body that out curves itself. As if she needs to be sexier, Andrea really heats things up in the office with her heels and white laced bra and panty .

She strutted around in her fuck me heels and nothing better then seeing her long legs and sexy feet in these awesome shoes. Suddenly she stripped the little piece of lingerie that is covering her hidden pleasures. Working those slender fingers in her natural flabby titties then gradually caressing her pussy lips while talking to a client over the phone.

Legs Spreading Brunette

Posted on: 2008-10-08 00:00

Irena is nothing but a tease, this cheer girl showed us how she likes to let loose and have fun. Only a few girls have the teasing ability that this bubbly babe has. Her nice legs lead up to an even better piece of sexy body. No matter how she poses, this brunette looks incredible tasty. And if you’re an ass lover, this chick is what you’re looking for.

This sassy college cheerleader knows how to tease and please and isn't afraid to show it. Once she loosens up her costume, a whole new different side of her showed up. Those gems that are hiding underneath her skirt revealed: her juicy cameltoe and her firm tender tight ass. Undoubtedly, Irena’s youthful look and hot firm body are what most of us guys search all day long for.

Sexy Kata Looses Her Hot White Undies

Posted on: 2008-10-06 00:00

Kata is an incredibly sexy woman who can tease with the best of them. She knew just how to move, how to talk and how to use her eyes to absolutely will drive any man crazy. That tight, flat stomach, those long legs, that milky white skin. And don't forget that perfect round little butt she carries around.

Kata poses in a demure white dress. As we takes shots of her she was playing with her yummy body and her hot white undies. She pulled down her panty to her legs exposing her sweet cunt. She gave us a few shots of her tight butt and her marvelous pink. For us, this babe is definitely a heaven sent and watching her pose is a pleasure.

Sexy Lucie's Hot Tease On The Couch

Posted on: 2008-10-05 00:00

Sexy Lucie oozes sexuality out of that firm gorgeous body. This girl is pretty hot and showing it off just isn’t a problem for her. She’ll be great catch for any guy who gets a hold of her. She’s very willing to put your need in front of hers – in and out of the bedroom! Lucie wore a cute pair of pink top and sexy shorts that she yanked straight up her ass.

She slowly stripped her clothes bit by bit to reveal her tight body under that flawless skin for us to see a better look on her package. This natural brunette likes to have fun with her tight and firm breasts, luscious pussy and her round fat. Her perfect plump tits were bouncing up and down while she was doing different poses during the shoot. Finally she sits down on the couch spread her legs up to reveal her juicy wet snatch .

Gorgeous HottieTeases

Posted on: 2008-10-04 00:00

Milli was a little nervous and shy about stripping at first. Being on camera in such an intimate way was a new experience for her but she was willing and eager to please. She had a body that rocks and we were happy to include her here in SpreadingGirls.com. The great thing about this babe is that every picture we took came out better than the next one.

This beauty was so hot and sensual; every movement she made was graceful. This chick couldn’t stop teasing with her sinister smile and amazing body. Watching her loose that cotton tank top, giving us a full view of those plump tits then pulling aside her panties to show us her puffy pussy camel toe that is poppin out will bring any cock to full attention.

Beautiful Blonde's Smooth PInk

Posted on: 2008-10-03 00:00

Jana is one those girls that wear red panties and finger their wet slits wherever they go. She was only posing for us first, but then she slipped her hand down there and started rubbing her clit with that sexy slow motion that made us all hard! We knew she was going to make our day, so we kept the cams on, and there you go!

This beautiful blonde's pussy was waxed smooth and her perfect round ass was a delight to see. This chic really knows how to work her toe, she started tugging her panties up her clit splitting her pussy lips and then slowly rubbing her sweet clit while a finger gradually enters her wet snatch. A couple of minutes later, this slut was loosing herself as she screams in pleasure.

Redhead's Pink Pussy

Posted on: 2008-10-02 00:00

This redhead babe is totally delicious! As she was stripping out of her sexy lingerie and showing off her hot body with all that luscious ivory skin, my mouth began to water. She is just a beauty with long legs, slender body and hot curves, that is just perfect in all the right places. There was nothing bashful about this babe especially when she started caressing her wonderful body.

Just watching this babe, with her seductive eyes looking at you and her fingers slowly running down her black see-thru lingerie that is accentuated with red flowers that is covering her snatch will make your cock tingle and will send shivers down to your toes! She then spreads her legs and went to work on that pink pussy until she tensed in creamy orgasm!

Puffy Pussy Lips

Posted on: 2008-10-01 00:00

One of the biggest perks that comes in working here in SpreadingGirls.com, is that hot chicks practically line up for our stamp approval. Krystal came over to show off her perfect pussy, but no pussy is certified until it gets inspection. I'm happy to report that her beautiful plump pussy passed with flying colors. This chick has got a smoking body with a grade-A booty to match. I had a hard time concentrating just on her toe with an ass like that.

She started by stripping off her tight pants. After trying on some panties, she finally settled for one sexy red lingerie. She then allowed us to inspect her gorgeous body specially her shaved pink vagina real closely. What a great pair of puffy pussy lips on this girl! This girl couldn't stop rubbing her pussy so I knew that her sweet cave is dying to be explore.

Sexy Blonde Hot Tease

Posted on: 2008-09-30 00:00

Jana loves high heels they make her feel attractive and sexy. She loves to wear them at home, pacing up and down, preening herself, just for the sake of fun. She always imagined herself as a supermodel, with a handsome guy waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. When she’ll get down, he’ll do nasty things to her. This fantasy always makes her wet. She started the shoot wearing a black see-thru top, her favorite high heels and nothing more.

The curves of this stunning blonde are to die for. Her huge hazel eyes are gorgeous and her natural soft tits are just as awesome . This hot chick has an incredible pussy we notice that her juicy pussy lips can make up one of the best cameltoes. This babe make me want to filling her vagina with my tongue, flicking it against her clit, bringing her to climax nice and hard, huffing and puffing, eyes half closed, having been licked like the good open legged slut she is.

Eva's Hot See-thru White Lingerie

Posted on: 2008-09-28 00:00

Eva was dressed for the shoot: a see-thru white lingerie that just needed to be lifted in order to show that nice wet pussy of hers. All through out the shoot we have been dreaming of sliding our tongues in between her thighs. We want savor the nice honey like taste of her snatch and make her experience our professional oral talent.

We were lucky to take a closer look at her nasty pussy lips and we gotta tell ya, those beef curtains are something, man! The only thing that was missing was a finger up that wet fuck hole! She soon made sure her cunt was filled with her fingers that were pounding it hard till she climaxed in a pretty loud way! Aww, don’t you wish it was your finger in there?

Horny Blonde Striptease

Posted on: 2008-09-28 00:00

Peta is one horny chic with simple looks but with a mind-boggling body. She is a natural blonde who love to get nude, likes caressing her all natural pair of breast and spreads her legs to show her pink shaved pussy. She has a perfect round ass. Her flawless body is her playground which makes us want to play with her.

She started to slowly stripping out her sexy outfits to reveal her erotic lingerie. It was so sexy how her juicy pussy lips swallowed up those panties. She nearly killed me when she did a split with her legs spread on the bed . She makes me wanna flick my tongue in her pussy and nibble her clit until she scream with pleasure so I can get a taste of her sweet juice.

Two Horny Cunt Lickers

Posted on: 2008-09-26 00:00

These two cunt-lickers had a lot of fun. Both of them were working late at a diner one night when one began flirting with the other. Raquel grabbed Judith's ass as she was carrying out a platter to a table. This really turned Judith on and she whispered in her ear "come home with me after your shift". Raquel couldn't turn her down as she's been waiting and wanting to fuck her for months.

When they got home they didn't waste any time. They went straight for the couch and licked each others pussies. They sucked each other nipples until they are rock hard, then taste each others wet juices as they run down their shaved snatches as they penetrate each other with fingers and dildos.

Brunette Teen Caress Her Pink

Posted on: 2008-09-26 00:00

Ever wonder what young women do to themselves in the privacy of their own homes? Well find out here as you watch the lovely ladies of Spreadinggirls.com strip off their cute clothes and get to work stroking and rubbing themselves, teasing their wet pussies with their nimble fingers and doing absolutely anything that will get them to a moaning, writhing orgasm. Xenia is one of the sexy brunettes that star’s in this site.

Does this cutie ever stop touching herself? Can't say I blame her. I'd touch myself incessantly too, if I had a teen body as solid as hers. Xenia is a long-legged teen with a slender body and every time that she showers, she couldn't resist touching herself. She loves squeezing and licking her perfect natural tits until her nipples would pop. But spreading her legs then caressing her clit to make her pink pussy wet and lastly playing with her fingers inside her sweet hole is what she loves best.

Lera Flaunts Her Sweet Pink

Posted on: 2008-09-24 01:00

Take a look at this beauty and dream about being in that room with her so you could suck and lick them with your tongue. She loses her bra, giving us a full on view of her gorgeous tits; she even squeezes them a bit while giving the camera a lusty look. Her panties come off next in a smooth maneuver and then she rubs her clit for our pleasure.

She's completely naked and groping her tits while the camera snaps picture after picture. This smooth skinned hottie with nice and long legs spreads it apart, showing her sweet and well shaved pink. She runs a finger down her body and over her hot pussy. Her hands drift all over her soft and smooth skin, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Hot Blonde's Juicy Melons And Yummy Pussy

Posted on: 2008-09-24 00:00

You would think Carol is another one of them blonde bitches, but she's not. Her curvaceous body was too much to handle. When she took her top off, I couldn't help myself from squeezing her seductive juggs. This girl has the most beautiful natural breast. She is dying for a hungry mouth to suck on them and a vicious hard cock between those big tits.

Carol surely knows how to get a cock rock hard, when she started teasing us with those juicy tits and her wet, extra tight pussy . I have never seen a breast as big and juicy as this bitch on any other blonde girl. Touching her titties was like resting your hand on two soft pillows. 36-D is her size and believe us, they are all real!

Hot Blonde Jana Stripped And Masturbate

Posted on: 2008-09-22 01:00

Luscious Jana always had a thing for teasing, and today is no exception. She doesn't keep her clothes on long though. Halfway through the gallery she is almost naked and spreads her pussy wide for all to see. More hot posing pictures follow and eventually we have seen every angle of her hot body.

She continued striking poses while slowly taking off her clothes revealing her undies. This ivory skinned beauty loved working it in front of the camera in her flirty lingerie. Her natural breasts are perky, her stomach is flat and firm and her round tushy is plump without being saggy. She then slowly showed her yummy split pussy when she looses out her panties and her fingers pulling on it to split her pink lips.

Brunette's Tight And Slippery Cunt Cake

Posted on: 2008-09-21 00:00

Don't know about you, but I love watching chicks masturbate, especially when the primary focus is on you as they're flicking their bean. Andy doesn’t have her virginity, but she sure loves stroking and caressing her ravenous snatch! This absolutely fantastic brunette was fucking herself with all her might, pleasing that plump cunt cake with her fingers.

Tight and slippery, her pussy took her two fingers in right away! This sex on legs was gagging for it, we could tell! Andy was stroking her clit so hard the camera guy almost forgot we were in there only for the pussy shots! Licking her fingers and giving us that awesome look, she was getting back to her tight twat only to give it another finger fuck.

Kata And Her Marvelous Pink

Posted on: 2008-09-20 01:00

This foxy babe is totally scrumptious! As she was stripping out of her sexy lingerie and showing off her hot body with all that luscious ivory skin, my mouth began to water. She is just a beauty with long legs, slender body and hot curves, that is just perfect in all the right places. There was nothing bashful about this babe especially when she started caressing her wonderful body.

Just watching this babe, with her seductive eyes looking at you and her fingers slowly running down her lingerie and her long and smooth hot legs will make your body tingle and will send shivers down to your toes! She then spreads her legs and went to work on that pink pussy until she tensed in creamy orgasm!

Shaving Babes

Posted on: 2008-09-19 04:03

The lips of two beautiful blonde girls meet in a sensual kiss. As the camera pulls back they kiss again, their passionate juices flowing freely. One girl removes her top and instantly her nipple has been engulfed by a warm mouth and there’s a soft tongue running circles around it. They kiss again and there’s more tit sucking. When both girls get naked, minus their latex boots, a bottle of shaving cream appears.

These girls are here to entertain those of you that love watching hotties shave. They both have a little growth on their pussies so they spread the cream around and remove it with a sharp razor. They also have a little fun with the soft white substance, rubbing it all over their tits and stomachs. They’re so passionate for each other they can’t resist kissing while in the middle of shaving.

Gorgeous Babe Sweet Snatch

Posted on: 2008-09-19 00:00

What would you rather have a gourmet meal or some gourmet pussy for dinner? If it is pussy you want, there's plenty of it here in SpreadingGirls.Com. This gorgeous babe is up for some dirty tricks . Playing hard to get is not her idea of a great time. Better keep your eyes on her cute pink clit, juicy breasts, tight butt cheeks and her nasty luscious holes.

We loved the way she spread her legs apart for us to get a good look at her moist vagina, and apparently she very much enjoyed the hardness that showed through our pants! Aww, the cock tease! She lures being watched as her elegant long fingers are struggling through that tight gash till they reached her g-spot!

Wet and Messy

Posted on: 2008-09-18 02:05

Two girls are sitting on a white towel and each has a glass of water. The ladies each drink from their glass but they’re feeling playful so they end up getting into a spit fight, hurling mouthfuls of water at each other. They get pretty wet and messy, but that’s nothing compared to what happens next. All the water drinking has given both the ladies a full bladder, and full bladders need to be emptied.

One of the chicks lies down on the towel and the other squats over her chest and holds her pussy lips apart. Once balanced she lets her bladder loose and a stream of piss flows over her blonde friend. Next the girl gets on her hands and knees with her pussy facing the camera and her friend essentially pisses in her ass.

Lenka Poses Nude For Men's Pleasure

Posted on: 2008-09-18 01:00

The sight of gorgeous women with sexy lingerie is enough to drive many men wild. There is something so hot about a woman's sexy body being at once accentuated and just out of sight. Lenka is attractively fine-looking innocent chic and yet possessing a gift for realizing men's nastiest desires.

Lenka is posing in a little black dress, which she pulled up to her waist to expose her tasty ass and inviting pussy. The moment she stripped all the piece of clothing covering her body, her insanely body screams sensuality! She continued teasing the camera and it was like someone let off a firecracker in the room. Watching this babe pose is a total pleasure.

Elegant Brunette

Posted on: 2008-09-17 12:17

Timea is posing on a red velvet couch wearing a cheer black robe that really doesn’t provide anything other than an extra layer of sexiness. Sheer material is always arousing and when it’s caressing a body as sexy as this one it’s even better. Timea has big teased out brown hair and her lips are plump and pink with lipstick. I should also mention that she’s not wearing any panties so you’re free to gawk at her pussy.

The second half of the gallery switches things up and shows Timea posing in sparkly brown dress. She’s pulled it up around her waist so once again her pussy is exposed. You also get a few shots of her ass and they’re marvelous. She’s quite gifted back there and watching her pose is a pleasure.

Lesbian Pussy Licker

Posted on: 2008-09-17 00:00

Crystal never had an orgasm before but her friend Sonia knows how to enjoy life fully as well as eating a scrumptiousness pussy. Sonia seduced her alone with her sexy voice. Her panties were soaking wet even before they were slipped off . Crystal has never been licked in the way Sonia licked her.

We got Sonia licking and fingering the hell out of Crystal’s tight snatch until she was shivering with pleasure. Her amazingly talented tongue swung back and forth into her girlfriend’s flawless body, perfect round tits and that juicy sweet snatch. With her eyes closed Crystal screamed with pleasure as she came hard.

Gorgeous Brunette

Posted on: 2008-09-16 07:10

Veronika is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Part of it is that she’s wearing only a bra and panty set and part of it is that her hair is styled in the sexiest way possible, but she’s also really beautiful. She has these puffy lips that would be a dream to kiss or have wrapped around your cock. She has small natural tits that sit high on her chest and have permanently erect nipples.

She’s not interested in teasing much. Instead she takes her bra off immediately and gives her breasts a firm squeeze. Her panties come off soon after and we see that her pussy is well trimmed. If you’re an ass man I think you’ll enjoy the few pictures of her asshole. She actually spreads her cheeks wide so you can practically see inside the gaping maw. Then she has a little fun with her dildo.

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